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Latest Updates

Thursday Nov 06th, 2008

The Flash Games section of the site broke, rendering all games unplayable. It is now fixed, As well as the site themes, Which also, Broke for no apparent reason.

Monday Jun 18th, 2007

Added 3 new Flash Games in the Free Flash Games section of the site

Sunday Jun 10th, 2007

The new layout is complete and is now up

Friday Jun 01st, 2007

New sites almost done, Marquee isnt a Valid W3 Tag. That sucks. (Updating news entry for sake of Googlebot)

Thursday Dec 21st, 2006

Google is changing their ad policies regarding images placed next to ads, Adsense Image Policy Update. So I'm going to go head and redesign my site

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Random Free Flash Game
This game is harder than Mario with a broken jump button, Its like Lemmings on crack cocaine, First in the Trilogy.
Random Photoshop Tutorial
Learn to create a Polaroid with just a few simple steps in this Photoshop Tutorial