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Tutorial Step 1

Let's start off by creating a new Layer with a black background. Now make a selection with the Lasso Tool (L) in the shape u want to make edge. Set the foreground color to White and Press (Alt+Backspace) to fill in the selection.
Tutorial Step 2

Tutorial Step 3

Tutorial Step 4

Now at this step, You can decide what to use the edge on, For this tutorial im going to be using Paper made in the Photoshop Tutorial Photoshop Paper, Also on this site. Check it out.
Tutorial Step 5

Select Magic Wand Tool (W) And select the White area that you've been making, Now make sure the Layer with the Photoshop Paper (Or whatever you're using it on) is active, and Press Delete.
This concludes the Free Photoshop Tutorial Ripped Edge
Well Played fine sir, Well Played.