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Tutorial Step 1

Make A New Layer (CTRL+SHIFT+N) [Name it Paper] Select Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) Make selection about the size of paper Set Foreground color to White & Fill in selection (ALT+DEL)
Tutorial Step 2

Tutorial Step 3

Tutorial Step 4

For the red line, Select the Line tool (U) Make Selection of the 'Paper' layer (CTRL + Left Click Layer) Set foreground color to a pale read (#FFC6C6) Draw the line out from top to bottom to the right of the holes and deselect (CTRL+D)
Tutorial Step 5

Make A Document (CTRL+N), Set Width to 1 pixel * Set Height to 15 pixels Set Background to White And Click OK Zoom in as much as possible and Select the Pencil Tool (B) Set Foreground to a Pale Blue (#D1E0FF) & Make 1 pixel tall mark as bottom of Layer Select All (CTRL+A), Goto Edit>Define Pattern>, Name it Paper Blue lines.
Tutorial Step 6

Go Back to the Document with Paper & Make a new Layer (CTRL+SHIFT+N) [Name it Blue lines], Make selection of the 'Paper' Layer (CTRL + Left Click Layer) Use Photoshop's Edit>Fill And Select the newly created 'Blue Lines' Pattern & Click Ok Select and Delete where Blue lines do not belong (near the top of paper) Set Blue lines layer blending mode to Multiply (so you can see the red line behind) Merge Blue Lines layer down (CTRL+E).