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Tutorial Step 1

Make a New document with a Black Background. Make a New Layer named 'Ghost Gel'. Grab the Gradient Tool(G) And set it to radial gradient. On the Gradient tool's color, pick White to Transparent. Begin making Gradients stacked upon each other like above.
Tutorial Step 2

Tutorial Step 3

Tutorial Step 4

Goto Select>Load Selection & Change the Channel to 'GG Shape'. Invert the selection by pressing (CTRL + SHIFT + I). Click the 'Ghost Gel' Layer and press (DELETE). Click the 'Ghost Gel copy' Layer and press (DELETE).
Tutorial Step 5

Merge the 'Ghost Gel copy' Layer with the 'Ghost Gel' Layer. Press (CTRL + U) And bring up the Hue & Saturation of 'Ghost Gel'. Select the Colorize Box. Play with the settings to get the desired effect. You can see pictures in the Gallery that i used this effect on.